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BREMBO Radial Brake Master Cylinder 19RCS "Fold-up" (18-20 mm ratio)

BREMBO Radial Brake Master Cylinder 19RCS "Fold-up" (18-20 mm ratio)

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    Adjustable (RCS) Radial master cylinder 

    The RCS device consists into an eccentric drive that allows to select the pump lever ratio between 18 and 20 mm, to obtain the ideal feeling among the rider, his driving style, the bike and the course: simply selecting the lever ratio, it is now possible to have a more reactive system (20 mm) or a more adjustable one (18 mm).

    Technical features:

    • MotoGP piston: Piston, seals and push rod are the same as those used in the official MotoGP and SBK master cylinders: very narrow tolerances for the highest precision while braking.
    • Body: Produced in forged aluminum alloy, is partially CNC machined and then finished by hard anodizing process.
    • Lever: It is made by two main components: the lever drive and the “half” folding lever, both produced in forged aluminum with black finishing.
    • Micro-Switch for rear brake light: For road use of the 19RCS M/C, the body has a dedicated housing for a rear light micro-switch, included in the box.

    🏁 MotoGP & WorldSBK approved

    May not be compatible with OEM brake reservoir, Brembo Brake Reservoir Kit may be required for installation


    APPLICATION: UNIVERSAL (check the possibility of correct assembly in a specialized workshop)

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