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QD Exhaust Motorcycle Exhaust Systems

QD Exhaust Components collection in the Desmoheart Shop

Looking to enhance your motorcycle's performance and style? Look no further than QD Exhaust, the renowned Italian handmade manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust systems. With a commitment to quality and innovation, QD Exhaust offers a range of premium parts and accessories designed to elevate your riding experience.

Every single part of all QD Exhaust components is meticulously crafted and identified by a barcode, ensuring traceability back to the production batch. While top-level machinery is employed in the manufacturing process, the hands of skilled artisans remain central to the production, adding a touch of craftsmanship to each piece. Utilizing stainless steel, titanium, thermo-injected magnesium, and carbon fiber, sourced and processed internally by the QD Composit department, ensures durability and performance.

Managed by a dynamic R&D department, QD Exhaust employs fluid mathematic models to optimize performance. Prototypes undergo rigorous testing on dyno benches to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Whether you're seeking improved performance or a sleek aesthetic upgrade, QD Exhaust offers premium motorcycle parts and accessories tailored to meet the demands of discerning riders.

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