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OHLINS Shock Absorber for Ducati Monster 1200 (rear)

AG1811 - OHLINS Ducati Monster 1200 (2017 – ) Rear Shock Absorber

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Ohlins logo: OHLINS Advanced Performance TechnologyShock absorber by Ohlins for Ducati Monster 1200.

Ohlins shock absorbers are an integral part of motorsport history in the past, the present and the future. Today, the company enjoys a major market presence in terms of high performance and top quality suspension products for motorcycles, cars and mountain bikes.

Type code: S46DR1

  • S - single tube
  • 46 - piston diameter: 46 mm
  • D - monotube high pressure gas type of shock absorber with internal reservoir in the main body
  • R1 - adjustable rebound damping on single tube shocks. Adjuster wheel above the end eye

Technical data:

  • single tube
  • piston diameter: 46 mm
  • length: 305 mm
  • stem: 16mm


Ducati MONSTER 1200 (2017 – )

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