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Meet the New Termignoni Exhaust System for Ducati Panigale V4!

After nearly fifty years of success on the racecourse, with sixteen titles won aboard Ducati, Termignoni currently renews its commitment to the Supersport bikes of Borgo Panigale. In 2018, strong because of vital expertise in Superbike and beneath the steering of engineer Ernesto Marinelli, the Termignoni team has driven development of its highly-anticipated system for the new Supersport par excellence, the DUCATI Panigale V4.

Termignoni 4USCITE Exhaust System for Ducati Panigale V4

The new project, known as 4USCITE, incorporates all the essence and tradition of Termignoni design, and represents a real revolution in the world of exhaust systems.

The 4USCITE exhaust system has been designed as a racing system, with the aim of providing maximum performance across the entire torque and power curve. The chassis components are planned in order that style is integrated with riding comfort. The carbon fiber extends across the elements, beginning with the 2 lateral 0.5 fairings, the two appendages – right and left – of the under-tail tip, the lateral right-hand heat defend, the under-tank protection and therefore the mudguard/chain cowl.

The system splits into 2 components, the precision-cast head connections designed to supply the most effective fluid-dynamic performance and mix with the soft and harmonious curves of the pipe layout. The right and left 0.5 fairings, strictly carbon, are equipped with extraction and intake vents and blend with the bike’s unique lines. The right-hand half integrates the 2 lower exits that stand out as a results of the muscular atomic number 22 projection that assimilates them. The left-hand half mirrors the lines of the fairing and includes the gap for the quality lateral stand.

All the warmth shields are created in carbon fiber integrated with a heat reflective material for larger protection at high temperatures. The under-tail silencer is connected to the rear frame with a billet Ergal support and is characterized by its atomic number 22 sleeve and carbon finish cap, created thus on blend dead with the look of the V4 tail.

Termignoni 4USCITE Exhaust System for Ducati Panigale V4

For additional performance improve, the package conjointly includes a Sprint Filter air filter P08, a long-time leading accessory in the sector.

Lastly, the kit will also includes the exclusive UpMap T800 device, containing the available mappings with which to best calibrate the Panigale V4 control unit in combination with the exhaust system.

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