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Weight Limits in MotoGP – How it Affects the Racing Teams?

Danilo Petrucci needs to open an account of victories in MotoGP. Without that, in 2019 it will be problematic to maintain a relationship with the Ducati Team. At the disposal of the Italian, probably, five or six races. You need to have time to open the transition window, because the contract with Ducati is one-year. Ducati Corse director Luigi Dall'igna reminds Petrucci what is expected of him:

“Petrucci and I have a big story. I guess, it is his fourth year with us. This time it has become much better, so I think the pilot’s potential is really high. During this time he grew up. The final part of the year cost him dearly, but this pilot must take one final step. Of course, for this you will need to better “tune” his physicist and his head. I think he can”.

There is an obstacle between the racer and the prizes – weight. Petrucci is far from optimal: among the pilots who win in MotoGP, no one weighs more than 70 kg. For example, Valentino Rossi with the same height (181 cm) weighs 69 kg. To this level Danilo does not fall. Before the 2018 season he managed to see the number "77" on the scales, but it was a disastrous experiment - the Italian lost strength, was tired on winter tests. Being lighter than 79-80 kg is bad for him.

Ducati Corse director Luigi Dall'igna

Dall'igna believes that in MotoGP you can discuss the topic of the minimum boundary of the racer/motorcycle system. It is easier for riders not to have the difficulties with overheating of tires, which Petrucci has. Dani Pedrosa, on the contrary, had a headache with their underheating. The Spaniard ended his MotoGP career, so Dall'igna believes, you can return to the question:

“To be honest, in the past it was quite difficult to talk about it, also because Pedrosa was in the championship. And if you accept such a rule, of course, Pedrosa would be in great trouble. Maybe it's time to rethink a little bit of the situation.

Sometimes weight is not so important, but now, with these tires in MotoGP, I think weight is one of the problems with which in some cases you have to fight. I can not insist, but honestly, I think it would be a fair rule”.

In a conversation with Mat Oxley, Dall'igna said that Petrucci could not be saved from this problem. His complexion is too different from the average. Motorcycle settings and polishing riding style can only reduce it. The introduction of a minimum weight limit can help, but on the other hand, adding ballast to other motorcycles will mean that pilots will pay more for “normal” build:

“Each race this year we did different things with tuning Danilo’s bike, trying to reduce its weight. We have done a good job, but still this problem cannot be solved. The difference between the smallest and large riders is quite large, so I think it would be better to reduce this gap, even if we do not completely equalize all riders”.

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