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More Ducati V4 models promised by Ducati CEO

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali, promises more Ducati motorcycles models based on the new V4 engine.

He told about the plans of the Bologna manufacturer, which is developing a whole line of new models based on the V4 engine.

"We will release 29 new motorcycles in five years", Claudio said in an interview with MCN. “We will continue to develop current products, but also plan to enter segments that are new for us. For many new products we will use the V4 engine”.

Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali with V4R

Claudio did not reveal all the cards and did not say what the next V4 Stradale engine, which produces 211 hp on Ducati Panigale V4, will be like. Most likely it will be Streetfighter or Tourist. Domenicali further stated that the homologation 998-cube version of the Panigale V4R, which will appear in 2019, has few surprises.

“We were strongly surprised by the development of the V4R”, said Domenicali. “It was very difficult to increase performance while reducing the working volume, but the engine’s respond was well.

In many respects, the Panigale V4 is the most modern of all that we have ever developed. The racing version of the V4R is distinguished by better suspension and electronics – cooler than the MotoGP prototype. Angle ABS is prohibited in MotoGP. Many Grand Prix riders fly away to low side, while our system eliminated such drops – there was not even one.

Electric motorcycles are breathtaking, but technology is not developed enough – it is difficult to deceive the chemistry. At the moment, 15 kg of gasoline are replaced by batteries weighing 150 kg. If after five years the exhaust standards will force us to release an electrocycle, then it will be clearly worse than what we are releasing now".

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