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Ciabatti: Unfortunately, MotoGP season can’t start earlier than June-July


There is the 21st century. March. Almost everybody scared. Covid-19 destroyed calm usually live. It all touched the motorsport.
«The Spanish Grand Prix will not hold its original spot in the MotoGP 2020 calendar», said Ducati Corse’s sports director, Paolo Ciabatti.

During the half of March, the race MotoGP in Qatar was canceled. The races in Thailand, USA and Argentina were stitched till autumn. It is because of restrictive measures for the pandemic.


The MotoGP season should begin on the 3rd of May. But now it seems implausible. From March 13 to March 30 the track is closed for any activity. At the same time, Spain almost reached Italy in the sadness of coronavirus statistics. On March 16, Spain imposed a national quarantine a week after Italy. 47 million people can’t go outside. They should stay at home to survive. Almost everything is close. Just food shops and pharmacies still working.

So the first part of the season MotoGP will be at the same time as second. There will be a busy schedule. Even now, they should do 8 Grand Prix since the end of September, till the beginning of October. But it is only with the condition that pandemic will finish.

In a different way, Covid-19 is a big problem for the world economy and for MotoGP, especially.

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